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CoreTweet.BoundingBox Class Reference


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Public Member Functions

IEnumerator< CoordinatesGetEnumerator ()
 Returns an enumerator that iterates through a collection. More...


double [][][] Coordinates [get, set]
string Type [get, set]
Coordinates this[int index] [get, set]
 Gets or sets the element at the specified index. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CoreTweet.Core.CoreBase
static T Convert< T > (string json, string jsonPath="")
 Converts the JSON to a twitter object of the specified type. More...
static List< T > ConvertArray< T > (string json, string jsonPath)

Detailed Description

Represents a bounding box.

This class can be converted to a JSON with JsonConvert.SerializeObject(object).

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetEnumerator()

IEnumerator<Coordinates> CoreTweet.BoundingBox.GetEnumerator ( )

Returns an enumerator that iterates through a collection.

An IEnumerator object that can be used to iterate through the collection.

Property Documentation

◆ Coordinates

double [][][] CoreTweet.BoundingBox.Coordinates

Gets or sets a series of longitude and latitude points, defining a box which will contain the Place entity this bounding box is related to.

Each point is an array in the form of [longitude, latitude].

Points are grouped into an array per bounding box.

Bounding box arrays are wrapped in one additional array to be compatible with the polygon notation.

◆ this[int index]

Coordinates CoreTweet.BoundingBox.this[int index]

Gets or sets the element at the specified index.

indexThe zero-based index of the element to get or set.
The element at the specified index.

◆ Type

string CoreTweet.BoundingBox.Type

Gets or sets the type of data encoded in the coordinates property.

This will be "Polygon" for bounding boxes.

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